Your FAVORITE Toronto Street Festival is BACK!

TD Festival of South Asia returns for 2 jam packed days of family fun activities, food, shopping, live entertainment and more!

The place to be is at Gerrard India Bazaar July 20-21 2024.

Check out our 2024 Artist Lineup!

Amazing LIVE Performances

Who’s Performing at TD Festival of South Asia?

From July 20-21, from noon to 11 pm, there will be a jam packed schedule of LIVE programming that celebrates South Asian culture and community.


Check out our 2024 lineup below!

2024 Festival Line Up

Amin Dhillon

Our FSA host is a sought after host, producer, podcaster, and MC. With a career of more than 10 years as a professional television host & producer, Amin is known as a charismatic and dynamic storyteller of live television. From covering major events to interviewing the biggest newsmakers and celebrities, Amin has been connecting viewers to the biggest moments and stories.

Amin is the host & executive producer of “In Conversation with Amin Dhillon”, a digital series and podcast. Amin invites celebrities, newsmakers, and social icons to share stories of their struggles, inspiration and special moments.

Amin frequents the stage as a highly requested live event host, hosting a variety of events across North America of all genres to crowds in the thousands. As one of the most followed & recognized television personalities in Canadian television, Amin has more than 460 thousand accumulated social media followers across all social media platforms – 400+ thousand on Facebook alone!

Srijeet Chaudhuri

Srijeet Chaudhuri is a  professional anchor, singer, VJ / RJ. 

Ohm Karr

Omkar Dilip Bhalerao, known by his stage name, Ohm Karr, is an Indo-Canadian singer, songwriter, music & video producer, actor, and composer based in Toronto. A versatile singer originally from Pune, India, Om Karr has sung in English, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, and Bengali.

His original compositions and covers have crossed over a million streams across all the digital streaming platforms. His recent composition titled “Ruh” crossed over 1 Million plus streams across the digital media streaming platforms combining both the lofi and the original version.

He has a strong digital presence on the social media channels and has been featured in major PR labels like Mid-day, Radio & Music, and Rolling Stone India as an independent artist.

Evan Lawrence

Evan Lawrence is a dynamic singer known for captivating performances at major events and festivals. He has shared stages with renowned artists, showcasing a versatile vocal range and a passion that resonates with diverse audiences, earning him a dedicated following and standout reputation in the live music scene.

Tricube Dance

Tricube Dance is one of Toronto’s top Bollywood dance companies for 12+ years in the GTA. Previously the TD Bank Dancers, they have been featured on Breakfast Television, CTV and award shows with spectacular fusion performances and accessible dance workshops for youth and seniors. Artistic Director Tripti Ninan has trained in 15+ dance styles including kathak, hip hop, Latin, flamenco, belly dance, ballroom, Afrobeats, and dancehall. At TD Festival of South Asia, Tricube Dance will be presenting a Bollywood Fusion performance in collaboration with Pure Soul Energy (blend of bellydance, flamenco and kathak) and an interactive Bollywood Dance Workshop

Sumedha Mongia

Sumedha Mongia is a Canada-based dancer passionate about the arts and community building. Trained in Indian classical dance (Odissi) under the esteemed Guru Smt Madhavi Mudgal, Sumedha has also enjoyed learning and performing various other dance styles 

Sumedha has dedicated nearly two decades to working with community children, youth, and women, using dance as a tool for empowerment and connection. Since relocating to Canada, she has collaborated with various artists and has performed at prestigious events, showcasing her versatility and commitment to cultural enrichment.

Continuing her pursuit of excellence in dance, Sumedha is committed to strengthening communities through her art. Her performances reflect the rich tradition of Odissi, a dance form from the state of Odisha known for its lyrical, soft, and graceful movements.

Saswati Sahoo

Saswati Soumya Sahoo’s journey as an Odissi dancer is distinguished by her dedication to the art form and her significant achievements. Trained in Odissi,  from the age of 4 under the guidance of Guru Sri Bharat Charan Giri, who follows the lineage of the renowned Late Guru Deba Prasad Das, she has deeply immersed herself in the traditional gharana style of Odissi dance.

She has performed in many dance festivals across India and Canada. A notable highlight in her career came when she was selected as the only Odissi dancer from North America to perform at the prestigious Odissi International Dance Festival organized by the Government of India in 2023. This recognition not only underscores her talent but also her commitment to representing Odissi dance on a global stage.

In addition to her achievements as a performer, Saswati embarked on a new chapter in her life by founding Nritya Sash Studio Odissi Dance School in Whitby. This initiative not only marks the establishment of the first dance school in Canada dedicated to the unique style and gharana of Odissi but also reflects her passion for preserving and promoting traditional dance forms from Odisha, such as Odissi and Sambalpuri folk dance.

Nritya Sash Studio offers classes tailored to individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced dancers, with the aim of fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of these rich cultural dances. Saswati’s role as both a performer and a teacher underscores her dedication to nurturing the next generation of Odissi dancers while spreading awareness of Odisha’s cultural heritage.


DDA Canada is led by the twin brothers – Lijo & Linto, who have more than 20 years of experience in dancing. DDA Canada is a Bollywood dance academy, teaching dance lessons to both kids and adults since 2018. Since inception, DDA Canada has taught more than 250 students and have studio locations in 3 major cities – Mississauga/ London & Niagara. DDA Canada received the People Choice Award for the Favourite Bollywood Dance Team.
DDA Canada is coming up with a powerpact performance which would be a mix of Bollywood and Tollywood songs, to entertain you at TD FESTIVAL OF SOUTH ASIA!


Vimoksh is an Ottawa based fusion band, who take Indian music and fuse it with western rhythms to create something unique. The band consists of award winning artists who have been playing across the globe for the past decade. Their exceptional style and versatility shines through their music.


On vocals and keys, Anisha, on lead guitar and vocals, Anupam; on bass, Aniket and on drums, Greg.

Paromita Kar and Ensemble Topaz

Ensemble Topaz, lead by Paromita Kar, is a dance company dedicated to the music and dance traditions of the Silk road. Including traditions of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan.

Reign Yash Dance Academy

Reign Yash Dance Academy is a South Asian dance company consisting of dancers from the GTA. Led by founder Yashwanth Koppala, they showcase the diversity of South Asian culture through upbeat and entertaining performances that include dance styles like Bollywood, hip-hop, semi classical & folk dance.

NrutyaSharee Classical Dance

NrutyaSharee Classical Dance is a classical indian dance school based in Kitchener ON, focusing on the classical Indian dance form Kathak.

Anushree Harjul is the founder and choreographer of NrutyaSharee Classical Dance. Anushree will present a tarana choreographed in pure kathak.

Faisal Raza and the Aakash Band

Faisal Raza is a producer and singer. His latest musical show “Positive Vibes Lounge” was a huge success and reached more than 2 million viewers worldwide. He is a founder of FR Music and a trend setter who is followed by thousands of followers worldwide.

Pure Soul Energy Dance Academy

Pure Soul Energy Dance Academy has been teaching dance and performing for over 8 years in GTA. The Dance Academy provides classes to seniors, kids, youth & adults. Led by Ritu, Artistic Director of Pure Soul Energy. At TD FESTIVAL OF SOUTH ASIA, they will be performing a Bollywood Mix.

Chaand Dance Group

Bollywood and semi-classical inspired dance group choreographed  by Chandani Gooroocharan. Inspiring passion within her students, and preserving the rich history of Indian culture within the West Indian community. They have performed for many religious events and cultural events. 

Chamma Arts

A Bollywood Fusion dance group from Toronto. Chamma Arts is known for performing at weddings, mehndis, and cultural events in the GTA, as well as providing choreography services and private lessons.


Munira, a TV and Radio artist, has been performing for 8 years and specializes in Bengali, Hindi, and English songs.

Karika-The Verses of Dance

Founded by 3 Dancers (Ragamalika Mohanraj, Pallavi Maity and Avani Shirbur) who are trained in different Indian classical dance forms.

At TD FESTIVAL OF SOUTH ASIA, they will be performing semi classical and Indian film styles using songs from Tamil, Telugu, Hindu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali representing India’s rich culture!

Toronto Ngari Association

Toronto Ngari Association is an organization dedicated to preserving the culture and religion of the Ngari people.

Ngari dance is a traditional form of dance practiced by the Ngari people of Tibet. It is characterized by graceful movements, vibrant costumes, and storytelling elements. The dance showcases Ngari culture and is often performed during festivals and celebrations. Music plays an integral role, and the dance serves as a means of preserving cultural identity.


This versatile dance team is formed by present or former international students who were passionate about dance and culture. The team solely aims to spread Gujurati/Indian culture and provide a diverse platform to immigrants to live their passion instead of leaving it amidst the struggle of settling down in foreign soil.  Team Nritya proudly offers a wide range of performances and dance lessons from Bollywood, hip hop to folk and classical at various locations of GTA.

Team Nritya was founded by Shivani Joshi – an International student then, currently runs her own dance school in Windsor. Jinkal Modi has been part of Team Nritya from the beginning as a team member and choreographer. Shivani and Jinkal both have 20 plus years of experience in Indian classical and folk dance.

Jhankaar Beats

Jhankaar Beats is an all female group with a passion for dance and entertaining audiences through their performances.

This group performs at various events and perform a mix including bhangra, garba, Bollywood, and semi classical.

Catch them performing a garba medley to the latest hits at TD Festival of South Asia!

 School of Indian Folk Arts and Tradition

School of Indian Folk Arts and Tradition known as SIFAT is a non for profit performing arts school which focuses on Indian Folk Dances, Folk Music and Folk Instruments. 

Sifat will be performing Bhangra at TD FESTIVAL OF SOUTH ASIA!

Atima Nayyar

Atima Nayyar has been performing on the stage for over 15 years and bagged numerous awards in the field of Indian classical and Bollywood music. Atima, has appeared on leading TV channels like Zee TV and lent her voice in various music albums. Her songs are available on all major music streaming platforms such as – Amazon music, Apple Music, Spotify etc.

Atima also has been teaching Indian music for over 5 years to students from all over the globe.

Ahmed Entertainment

Ahmed Entertainment aka Asif Ahmed has made a name for himself in the Bangladeshi Community and is excited to perform Bollywood dance at TD FESTIVAL OF SOUTH ASIA!

Indian Echoes

Indian Echoes is a group of friends who share a passion for music. Led by musician Vaibhav Bedi.

Catch them performing English Punjabi Hindi mashup on guitar at TD FESTIVAL OF SOUTH ASIA!


Ritika started learning Bharatanatyam at a relatively young age of 6 years, and has become a consummate dancer by practicing it for the past 18 years. She has performed in multiple countries and has been mentored by guru Smt. Sindhu Mishra.

Ritika will be performing The Ganesha Vandana – The Ganesh Vandana is a prayer or stuti to worship of Lord Shri Ganesha; Hindus recite the Ganesh Vandana at the beginning of a religious ritual or beginning of a new work or any event. It is considered to auspicious to recite the Ganesh Vandana to make a new beginning in life. The piece is set to aadhi taal and raag hans dhwani.

Debarati Ganguly

Debarati Ganguly is a classical dancer from India with over 20 years of training. Born in the culturally rich city of Kolkata in the Indian state of West Bengal, she stepped into the world of Indian classical dance at the age of four. 

As a trained Bharatanatyam dancer Debarati’s strength lies in her utmost dedication and compassion in implementing correct postures with precise alignment and an active expression.


JUICY BOWTIE MUSIC is a drummer that plays lively covers and remixes music. With over 20 years of experience, he started playing drums at the age of 6! When he’s not performing, he also offers music lessons to students of all ages.

Mudra Traditional Arts Academy

Mudra Traditional Arts Academy is one of the leading Indian music and dance learning institutions in GTA. The Founder and Artistic Director of this institute is Guru Vrunda Upadhyay to promote the exquisiteness of Bharatnatyam dance and Hindustani as well as Carnatic vocal music, produce quality performances, and live up to the standards set by the great Legendary artists. This Academy promotes India’s cultural heritage by teaching and performing these arts. 

Nadanam by Sharanya

Sharanya KC is a classically trained dancer and choreographer from Chennai, India who has been dancing from the age of 7. She has 14 years of Indian classical dance training including 7 years of Bharatanatyam training and 7 years of Kathak training. She relocated to Canada in 2016 and has performed at various festivals, weddings, and special events!

Nithya Duraisamy

Nithya Duraisamy has a passion for dance. She has learned folk dances, Zumba, Kollywood and Bollywood dances. She will be performing a traditional South Indian folk dance Karakattam – Tamil folk dance which involves balancing a pot on her head!

Nritya Palette

Nritya Palette are professional dancers and choreographers performing in the GTA since 2022. They perform different folk and classical dances of India. Recently they won the Panorama India Folk Dance Competition. At TD FESTIVAL OF SOUTH ASIA, they will be performing a fusion of Gujarati folk dance and Indian classical dance on a westernized music composition of Coke studio album.

Shivani Shivakumar

Shivani Shivakumar trained in Indian classical dance form Bharatanatyam for 20 years and is a professionally trained contemporary and kuchipudi dancer. She is the Artistic Director of Tattvartha Dance Studio in Bangalore, India. She will be performing Shiva tandava of the lord of dance nataraja which is beautifully blended with contemporary body language.

Laasyam Kuchipudi Dance Academy

Laasyam Kuchipudi Dance Academy aims at promoting Kuchipudi art form. They provide formal training with structured teaching while inspiring fun and innovation. 

Prathyusha is the founder of Laasyam Kuchipudi Dance Academy based in Guelph, ON and has been dancing since she was 4!  


Nazz is proudly an all-female, all South Asian band, representing and blending different flavours of South Asian music. Composed of four vocalists who are all multi-instrumentalists, Nazz strives to blend east and west, traditional and contemporary, and classic and modern. Nazz stands for our group members, Nishat Khair, Akshiptika Malhotra, Zara Ahmed, and Zohra Kassam; as well as the Hindi/Urdu word for pride.

Jennifer Kruk

Jennifer Kruk runs “Let the Good Times Roll Family DJ Show”, an interactive musical DJ program that consists of dancing, sing-a-longs, trivia, prizes, and games with the kids!

Dance With Akriti

Dance With Akriti, is a Toronto based Bolly-Bhangra Group. We aim to put our Culture on the Canadian Map with full authenticity. They will be performing Bollywood & Bhangra!

Taal Dance and Drill

Taal Dance and Drill group have performed at corporate and cultural events in Toronto. For the past 2 years they have been shaping the lives of children and adults through dance. They are into Bollywood and Semi-classical dance form for beginners and intermediate. 

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